Are you tired of being chained to your Tarot book?

Would you like your readings to be fun and inspirational?

Do you feel like there’s “more” but you are not really sure what that is?

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Reading Tarot and Oracle Cards intuitively.

I'm Janice Lynch. I’ve been a professional Psychic, Reader, and Medium for over 30 years.

 I purchased a Tarot deck many years ago and dutifully attempted to memorize the meanings of each card. As I relied on my book readings were clunky and forced at best. Then, I took my cards with me when I went on a business trip, but left my instruction book at home. The trip was supposed to last a couple of weeks and ended up lasting much longer.

During that time, I read for friends and co-workers. Without the book I solely relied upon my intuition. Those readings began to flow easily and totally applied to each situation as I leaned into my intuitive abilities.

As time went on I became aware of 5 distinct techniques that I was using for my readings.  

I had come across these techniques intuitively over many readings.
I wanted other people to learn these simple techniques the easy way, without having to figure them out on their own. 

I began teaching Intuitive Tarot live over 20 years ago. People really enjoy these classes. They have been a great way for students to hone their skills in a safe, fun environment.  It thrills me to see insights from "out of the blue" drop in and bless not only the one reading but the entire class as well. Psychic goose bumps happen a lot  in this class as the big "T" truths are revealed.  

Intuitive Tarot allows each card to have an infinite number of possible insights held depending upon placement in the reading and the insight received. Meaning . . . you can pull the same card for 100 different people experiencing 100 different situations and your intuition utilizes the symbolic imagery differently for each one! You can’t get that out of a book! 

I can hear you saying to yourself "But I need my book!!" Yes, you will want to have a basic understanding of the cards as this is a deep well of additional information for you to utilize in your readings. But for this class we will set your book aside and embark on this journey. So much more information becomes available through your intuition!

A lot of students come to the live class feeling that they are not intuitive. You may be feeling that way too.  It's not true. You just haven't exercised that muscle enough yet. 

This course will help you do Clearer Readings even if You Think You Don't Have an Intuitive Bone in Your Body!

We are all intuitive. With exercise and focus, our intuition expands and grows. Just like a body builder exercises and exerts focus on particular sets of muscles to gain strength. We all have muscles, yet not all of us are ripped like a body builder. The intuitive muscles respond quickly to attention and focus. Once awakened, they never grow weak.

As folks move away or look to share their insights with friends from a distance I've been asked repeatedly to bring these classes online and I'm so excited to finally be able to do that with this 6 week course.

I hope these techniques will bless you with the same insight and growth it has given those who have gathered together in person throughout the years. 

Here is What You will Learn:

  • Six Simple Techniques to Easily Read Tarot Intuitively, even if you do not consider yourself intuitive.
  • Strategies for Connecting.
  • How to get to the real question you want to ask.
  • How to set aside your inner critique and strengthen your intuitive muscle.
  • How and why to harness the power of visual layouts to make your readings go smoothly and have more clarity.

The Techniques are:

  • Sharp Focus
  • Soft Focus
  • Action Focus
  • Message Focus
  • Personal Focus
  • Reverse Context

Each one of the techniques will help you read like a pro.

What My Students Have to Say

Janice's intuitive approach to Tarot enabled me to get amazingly accurate readings for myself and others right from the start! She makes learning Tarot fun, entertaining and effective by assisting each student to access their own unique intuitive abilities. She has helped me build a wealth of knowledge that brings deep insight and wisdom to my readings. Her varied approaches to reading Tarot will ensure you will find a reading technique that resonates with you - and allows you to continue to learn and build your Intuitive Tarot toolbox.

Heather A. 

I have really enjoyed Intuitive Tarot! I feel like it has not only given me a great deal of guidance through the readings but really allowed me to become comfortable with allowing myself to access my intuition and have faith in it.

Sharon D.


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